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Understanding Security Issues

Authors: Scott E. Donaldson, Chris K. Williams, Stanley G. Siegel

December 2018


208 Pages



Understanding Security Issues

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  • With the countless threats that can affect every computer, phone, or other device connected to the internet, security has become a responsibility not just for law enforcement authorities or business leaders, but for every individual, including you.

    Whether it be in the office, at home, on travel, or in the cloud, you and your family’s information, property, and business must be protected from cybercriminals at all times. Understanding Security Issues by authors Scott Donaldson, Chris Williams, and Stanley Siegel provides a comprehensive understanding of the threats. The book provides useful tips and practices for protecting yourself everywhere and anywhere you go at all times. 

    You can take steps to reduce the risk of becoming a victim by being aware of the many security issues that are hidden underneath the surface of everyday interactions. Understanding Security Issues discusses threats that face every individual and business, specific indicators of threats so that you understand when you might be attacked and what to do when an attack occurs, the security mindset and good security practices, specific assets that need to be protected both at work and at home, how to protect yourself and your business at work, how to protect yourself and your family at home, as well as protecting yourself and your assets while traveling.

    Written by three experts within the fields of cyber security and system engineering, Understanding Security Issues offers the best advice on how to keep your workplace, your family, and most importantly yourself safe.

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