The New Business Road Test, 5th Edition

John Mullins

December 2017

FT Press

360 Pages



The New Business Road Test, 5th Edition

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  • Thinking about starting a new business? Stop! Is there a genuine market for your idea? Do you really want to compete in that industry? Are you the right person to pursue it? No matter how talented you are or how much capital you have, if you’re pursuing a fundamentally flawed opportunity then you’re heading for failure. So before you launch your lean start-up, take your idea for a test drive and make sure it has a fighting chance of working.

    Now in its fifth edition, The New Business Road Test is the essential handbook for anyone wanting to launch a start-up. The new and fully updated case studies – Ella's Kitchen, Whole Foods, eBay and more – and ‘seven domains’  framework will help you avoid impending disaster and enhance your chances of achieving your entrepreneurial dreams.

    This book will help you answer the live-or-die questions:

    ·    Are the market and industry attractive?

    ·    Does the opportunity offer both customer benefits as well as competitive and economic sustainability?

    ·    Can you deliver the results you seek?

    The accompanying app (available on iTunes and Android) makes it easy to assemble all the evidence you need for your road test, wherever you are.

    “A must-read for all entrepreneurs thinking about a lean start-up.” – Steve Blank, father of the lean start-up movement and author, The Start-up Owner’s Manual

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