The Modern Security Operations Center

Author(S): Joseph Muniz

Published May 2021

Addison-Wesley Professional

752 Pages



The Modern Security Operations Center

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  • The Industry Standard, Vendor-Neutral Guide to Managing SOCs and Delivering SOC Services

    This completely new, vendor-neutral guide brings together all the knowledge you need to build, maintain, and operate a modern Security Operations Center (SOC) and deliver security services as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

    Leading security architect Joseph Muniz helps you assess current capabilities, align your SOC to your business, and plan a new SOC or evolve an existing one. He covers people, process, and technology; explores each key service handled by mature SOCs; and offers expert guidance for managing risk, vulnerabilities, and compliance. Throughout, hands-on examples show how advanced red and blue teams execute and defend against real-world exploits using tools like Kali Linux and Ansible. Muniz concludes by previewing the future of SOCs, including Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) cloud technologies and increasingly sophisticated automation.

    This guide will be indispensable for everyone responsible for delivering security servicesmanagers and cybersecurity professionals alike.

    * Address core business and operational requirements, including sponsorship, management, policies, procedures, workspaces, staffing, and technology
    * Identify, recruit, interview, onboard, and grow an outstanding SOC team
    * Thoughtfully decide what to outsource and what to insource 
    * Collect, centralize, and use both internal data and external threat intelligence
    * Quickly and efficiently hunt threats, respond to incidents, and investigate artifacts
    * Reduce future risk by improving incident recovery and vulnerability management
    * Apply orchestration and automation effectively, without just throwing money at them
    * Position yourself today for emerging SOC technologies

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