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The Leader's Guide to Resilience

Author(S): Audrey Tang

Published March 2021

FT Publishing International

288 Pages



The Leader's Guide to Resilience

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  • The Leader’s Guide to Resilience is your essential toolkit to build authentic strength within your business, so you can thrive in a changing and challenging world. 

    Resilience is the core of growth and regrowth. It is what contributes most to the advancement of your organisation and your role as leader. Your personal resilience, and that of your teams, organisation and broader community network, must be actively nurtured to give you the tools to face anything that comes your way.

    This book will give you clear, effective and adaptable methods to initiate your first steps in building resilience, as well as advanced practical ways to refine, develop and future-proof your progress once on the path.

    Whatever life throws at you, resilience will help you bounce back.

    2021 Firebird Book Award Winner - Business, Leadership and Motivation 

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