The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data

Author(s): Venkat Srinivasan

October 2016


216 Pages



The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data

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  • Beginning with an introduction to the key challenges that enterprises face, the book systematically outlines modern enterprise architecture through a detailed discussion of the inseparable elements of such architecture: efficiency, flexibility, and intelligence. This architecture enables rapid responses to market needs by sensing important developments in internal and external environments in real time. Illustrating all of these elements in an integrated fashion, The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data also features:

    • A detailed discussion on issues of time-to-market and flexibility with respect to enterprise application technology

    • Novel analyses illustrated through extensive real-world case studies to help readers better understand the applicability of the architecture and concepts

    • Various applications of natural language processing to real-world business transactions

    • Practical approaches for designing and building intelligent enterprises

    The Intelligent Enterprise in the Era of Big Data is an appropriate reference for business executives, information technology professionals, data scientists, and management consultants. The book is also an excellent supplementary textbook for upper-undergraduate and graduate-level courses in business intelligence, data mining, big data, and business process automation.

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