The Decision Maker's Playbook

Simon Mueller, Julia Dhar

Sept 2019

FT Press

240 Pages



The Decision Maker's Playbook

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  • The Decision Maker's Playbook is an easy-to-use, “how-to” toolkit to improve managers' decision making, using visualisations, relevant examples and actionable checklists that cater to its main target group: analytically interested, busy managers and entrepreneurs.


    The Decision Maker's Playbook will help readers navigate a complex world.  Along the four chapters of the books, it will help you in:

    1. Collective Evidence

    2. Connecting the Dots

    3. Crafting the Approach

    4. Complete the Mission


    The Decision Maker's Playbook is your personal toolbox to help you make better decisions. It offers practical advice to help you understand, analyse and shape your world.

    As simplified representations of reality, the models portrayed in this book allow us to see patterns, identify relationships, and view the world from different vantage points. They help us understand and break up complex phenomena into tractable pieces.

    From Unknown unknowns over Fat Tails to Counterfactuals, this book will make lesser known but highly relevant models available for immediate use – in a visual way, supported by applicable case studies and without jargon.

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