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The Business Model Book

Adam J. Bock, Gerard George

Dec 2017

FT Press

296 Pages



The Business Model Book

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  • Business models are the beating heart of your firm's value proposition.

    Great business models drive rapid growth; bad business models can doom the most promising ventures. The Business Model Book clearly shows you how to create, test, adapt and innovate successful business models for any company in any situation.

    Every company has a business model. When the business model works, the company creates value. The Business Model Book combines the latest research, straightforward tools and current examples to bring this surprisingly tricky topic to life. Your company changes over time, and so should your business model.

    ·    Understand how and why business models matter to your organisations success.

    ·    Be able to apply business model thinking to a specific company and a specific situation.

    ·    Learn how to evaluate and test business models to identify the most appropriate model.

    ·    Use a set of practical tools to adapt and innovate business models.

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