The 7 Principles of Conflict Resolution

Louisa Weinstein

July 2018

FT Press

232 Pages



The 7 Principles of Conflict Resolution

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  • 7 Principles of Conflict Resolution is the go-to resource for conflict and dispute resolution, whether you’re new to the subject or an experienced practitioner.

    This books sets the out 7 principles to create and maintain successful, workable relationships through effective conflict resolution.  It provides you with the tools to resolve or mediate difficult conversations and conflict situations whatever the situation or context and help other people do the same to transform professional and personal relationships permanently. Crucially, it allows you to achieve results without the need to go to court or litigation even when conflict has escalated or is entrenched.

    The 7 principles to effective conflict resolution will enable you to understand, discuss and resolve problematic situations whether as an individual or organisation:

    1. Acknowledge the Conflict

    2. Take Control: building resolution focussed conversations

    3. Construct a Resolution with the Conflict Resolution Framework

    4. Enable others’ Success

    5. Build the Resolution Culture

    6. Walk the Walk

    7. Engage the safety net: When informal resolution doesn’t work

    7 Principles of Conflict Resolution will guide you through the process from beginning to end, with a framework for conversations and tools, techniques and strategies that work. There are also templates, exercises and worksheets that you can use to support conversations.

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