Strategic Information Technology, 2E

Author(s): Arthur M. Langer, Lyle Yorks

Sept 2018


304 Pages



Strategic Information Technology, 2E

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  • Successfully navigate the changing face of the CIO role

    Strategic Information Technology offers CIOs a handbook for engaging with the senior management conversations surrounding strategy. The CIO role is currently undergoing a massive transition from technology-focused expert to a more strategic mindset, and this book provides proven methods for taking your seat at the table. Lessons from high-performing CIOs and a wealth of leading-edge insight provide invaluable guidance for positioning technology as a strategic driver across the business, while a focus on building the necessary connections—for example, an alliance between IT and HR—provide a multimodal approach to navigating the transition.

    The evolution of the CIO’s role involves more than simply technical knowledge; the new CIO must be an influencer, an engager, and just as adept at the soft skills that become increasingly crucial as you climb the management ladder. It’s about changing mindsets, translating hard skills into strategic advantages, and demonstrating IT’s value to the strategic decision making process. This book provides best practices, illustrative examples, and up-to-date perspective for CIOs wanting to:

    • Position IT as a critical driver of overall strategy
    • Build on functional expertise with strategic insight
    • Learn from the stories of successful tech-to-strategy transformations
    • Engage C-Suite peers in shaping the strategic conversation

    Not long ago, the CIO occupied a unique place in the C-Suite. Executive by title, CIOs have nevertheless been seen as predominantly the “chief tech expert” with little input into strategy, as IT has historically been regarded as a tool rather than a source of competitive advantage. The truth is becoming increasingly apparent, with companies around the world turning to technology in order to gain a competitive edge, and CIOs are beginning to claim their place in strategy discussions. Strategic Information Technology offers much needed guidance for a successful transformation.

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