Stepping Up: How to accelerate your leadership potential

Sarah Wood, Niamh O'Keeffe

Oct 2017

FT Press

216 Pages



Stepping Up: How to accelerate your leadership potential

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  • Ever felt like you need an inspired action plan on how to step up?

    Stepping up could be about taking on your first leadership or management role. It could be about changing your career, or leaving employment to start up on your own. It could be about changing the way you run a team already under your management.

    Whatever your circumstances, you will face the same issues we all do: changing attitudes, changing technology and our fast-moving rollercoaster of a world. Stepping Up will inspire and equip you to understand and respond to that change and develop your ability to lead yourself and others through it.

    Follow the practical five point framework on how to step up and fulfil your ambitions:

    1. Vision – How to reset your rules in a complex and changing landscape

    2. Values – Develop your leadership mission by understanding why you want to lead

    3. Velocity – Invest in yourself and build the skills  and capabilities of a great leader

    4. Votes – Invest in your team and bring together a fantastic team of people to take you on your journey

    5. Victories – Deliver brilliant results and ensure you can deliver on your promises

    Accelerate your skills and potential, and take charge of your leadership career.

    “This book is so needed. A manual for the leadership generation that want to create their own future.” Kathryn Parsons. Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Decoded.

    ““Leadership can be practised at all levels. Step up or step out of the way.” Thales Teixeira, Professor at Harvard University

    "Sarah is one of the most inspiring leaders I know, anyone wanting to become one too should read this book." 

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