School Security, 2nd Edition

Authors: Paul Timm

May 2021

Butterworth-Heinemann / Elsevier

248 Pages



School Security, 2nd Edition

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  • School Security: How to Build and Strengthen a School Safety Program, Second Edition emphasizes a proactive rather than reactive approach to school security. Readers are introduced to basic loss prevention and safety concepts, including how to communicate safety information to students and staff, how to raise security awareness, and how to prepare for emergencies. The book discusses how to positively influence student behavior, lead staff training programs, and write sound security policies. This book isn't just for security professionals and will help educators and school administrators without formal security training effectively address school risk.

    As school safety challenges continue to evolve with new daily stories surrounding security lapses, lock-downs, or violent acts taking place, this thoroughly revised edition will help explain how to make educational institutions a safer place to learn.

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