Presentation Secrets

Author(s): Alexei Kapterev

Sept 2011


304 Pages



Presentation Secrets

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  • Plan, create, and deliver amazing presentations!

    Alexei Kapterev's online presentation on presentations has seen more than one million views, all with no advertising or promotion. Building on this hit, he now brings us Presentation Secrets outlining his successful tactics for planning, producing, and presenting memorable and unique presentations. The author shares his insight, wisdom, and advice with impressive clarity and detail, covering the three main components required to a presentation: storyline design, slide design, and delivery. Presentation Secrets lets you get to work immediately, fully prepared, armed with confidence, and ready to inspire.

    • Teaches everything that goes into a successful and memorable presentation
    • Helps create a storyline, from planning the beginning, middle, and end, to establishing key points, to making a presentation scalable
    • Discusses how to design a slide template that meets your goals, ensure consistency, and find focal points
    • Dissects the delivery of a presentation, including how to create "a character", integrate mistakes, listening to yourself, talking to the audience, and avoiding monotony
    • Includes non-presentation metaphor to drive home your understanding of storytelling, improvisation, and delivery

    Also featuring real-world examples of presentations from the worlds of business, science, and politics, such as Steve Jobs, Hans Rosling, and Al Gore, this unique book delivers tried and tested secrets and inside tips for making a sensational presentation!

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