Microsoft Azure Network Security

Author(S): Nicholas DiCola, Anthony Roman

Published June 2021

Microsoft Press

208 Pages



Microsoft Azure Network Security

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  • Master a complete strategy for protecting any Azure cloud network environment!

    Network security is crucial to safely deploying and managing Azure cloud resources in any environment. Now, two of Microsofts leading experts present a comprehensive, cloud-native approach to protecting your network, and safeguarding all your Azure systems and assets. Nicholas DiCola and Anthony Roman begin with a thoughtful overview of network securitys role in the cloud. Next, they offer practical, real-world guidance on deploying cloud-native solutions for firewalling, DDOS, WAF, and other foundational services all within a best-practice secure network architecture based on proven design patterns.

    Two of Microsofts leading Azure network security experts show how to:

    Review Azure components and services for securing network infrastructure, and the threats to consider in using them

    Layer cloud security into a Zero Trust approach that helps limit or contain attacks

    Centrally direct and inspect traffic with the managed, stateful, Platform-as-a-Service Azure Firewall

    Improve visibility into Azure traffic with Deep Packet Inspection

    Optimize the way network and web application security work together

    Use Azure DDoS Protection (Basic and Standard) to mitigate Layer 3 (volumetric) and Layer 4 (protocol) DDoS attacks

    Enable log collection for Firewall, DDoS, WAF, and Bastion; and configure NSG Flow Logs and Traffic Analytics

    Continually monitor network security with Azure Sentinel, Security Center, and Network Watcher

    Customize queries, playbooks, workbooks, and alerts when Azures robust out-of-the-box alerts and tools arent enough

    Build and maintain secure architecture designs that scale smoothly to handle growing complexity

    About This Book

    For Security Operations (SecOps) analysts, cybersecurity/information security professionals, network security engineers, and other IT professionals


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