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MDM: Fundamentals, Security, and the Modern Desktop


July 2019


552 Pages



MDM: Fundamentals, Security, and the Modern Desktop

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  • An essential guide for IT Admins leveraging Modern Management with MDM

    Modern Management enables organizations to create a consistent set of policy configurations across the modern enterprise―for PCs, tablets, and phones―through the common Mobile Device Management (MDM) layer. In this book, MDM and Windows 10 management expert Jeremy Moskowitz explains the MDM fundamentals and essential troubleshooting techniques, and shows you how to manage enterprise Windows 10 desktop deployments and rollouts.

    An organization doesn't have to go "all in" on the cloud to take advantage of MDM and Modern Management. Using this book, an IT admin can decide which opportunities to augment or replace from their traditional on-premises management. By leveraging the techniques in this book, an IT Pro will learn how to master MDM in order to increase their IT efficiency.

    Leverage Intune, Autopilot, and Azure to dictate the look-and-feel settings of Windows 10, remotely deploy software, roll out new Windows 10 machines, secure access to resources, and remote wipe a lost device.

    This must-have guide:

    • Explains Modern Management concepts using an MDM service like Microsoft Intune®
    • Describes the setup for Azure AD and MDM auto-enrollment
    • Includes extensive examples on MDM policy configuration, Group Policy co-policy management, and troubleshooting
    • Explains how to use Windows Autopilot to perform new PC rollouts and perform remote refreshes
    • Demonstrates how to deploy software using Windows Intune
    • Explains how to use Microsoft OneDrive® to replace Folder Redirection and mapped drives
    • Reveals how to keep Windows 10, Office, and OneDrive up-to-date with Channels and Rings
    • Explains Windows 10 security using MDM
    • Demonstrates useful third party MDM tools to bridge the gaps in MDM
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