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Leadership: How Legendary Leaders Speak

Author(s): Peter Andrei

Published April 2020

Independently Published

370 Pages



Leadership: How Legendary Leaders Speak

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  • What if every single legendary leader over the past 500 years used a little-known five-step communication process to inspire people, empower movements, and produce legendary results? What if all business managers - whether leading a team of three or company of 300,000 - can use the exact same step-by-step process to convert average performance into surpassing success by breaking through the "communication wall," influencing with ease, and inspiring enthusiastic action?

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    Why do some leaders and managers effortlessly produce enviable results with less work, while others watch things fall apart around them despite working 65-hour weeks? Because of a proven yet little-known brand of communication: the communication of leadership, used by John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and every single U.S. President since FDR.

    Don't let weak communication hold back your potential to become a legendary leader and successful business manager by constantly undermining your professional image and minimizing the impact of your words. Don't let it frustrate you and erode your confidence.

    It's a moral travesty that the country's top MBA programs entirely neglect the communication of leadership. I once experienced these struggles myself. I wrote five best-selling books on the hidden, little-known strategies I used to overcome this, and taught them to the country's top project managers.

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