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It’s Your Digital Life

Author(s): Giri Govindarajulu, Shyam Sundar Ramaswami, Shriram K. Vasudevan

Published September 2021

CRC Press

246 Pages



It’s Your Digital Life

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  • This book intends to develop cyber awareness and technical knowledge in anyone who is interested in technology by looking at subjects and experiences the average person will have come into contact with in their life. This book aims to provide a complete and comprehensive analysis, technological inputs and case studies for the readers to build their awareness and knowledge, but in a meaningful way which will stay relevant. There are books available on the market, but they primarily discuss theory, and no industry connection or current state-of-the-art technology is presented. By discussing subjects and experiences that all readers will be familiar with, this book will aid understanding and comprehension of how cyber threats can be noticed, avoided and understood in everyday life. As well as case studies, this book also contains plentiful illustrations and supplementary videos, which will be available via YouTube to complement the information.

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