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It's HOW You Say It: Effective Business Communication Skills

Author(s): Barbara Teicher

Published July 2014 / Currently Available as Print on Demand (Please allow 10-12 days)

CreateSpace Independent Publishing

142 Pages



It's HOW You Say It: Effective Business Communication Skills

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  • How true. Words are powerful tools. Do you wonder why, at times, someone takes offense at something you’ve said and you have no idea why? Maybe it’s just the opposite and you have been misunderstood. The way you say something can be more important and have a greater impact than the words you use. This is much more extensive than verbal communication skills alone though. The intent behind the words we try to convey may be in opposition to the messages being perceived. They are often not in sync at all. Why? What skills are considered to be good communication skills? What are the components of effective communication, the kind of conversations that build relationships, streamline collaboration and help diminish friction between leadership, management, work teams... and loved ones? To find the answers to these, we have to go a little deeper. This book will take a lighthearted look at the background and mishaps in communication and deliver a no-nonsense approach to determining a lasting solution. What are the characteristics of a true leader? Can leadership be taught? Whether you are in executive leadership, in management, or an individual contributor you’ll find the answers to these and other communication questions. Author, keynote speaker, corporate trainer and coach, Barbara Teicher, will help you to unlock the secrets of the messages you’re really sending, learn the 6-Step “It’s HOW You Say It”™ Principle for effective communication, discover what the characteristics of true leadership are (they may surprise you!), learn how to make a V.A.S.T. difference in your business, as well as personal, relationships and unveil the mystery of how to change perceptions because, it’s not just what you say, “It’s HOW You Say It."™

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