Infosec Rock Star

Author(s): Ted Demopoulos (Author), Dr. Eric Cole (Foreword)

Published Jan 2018

 Morgan James Publishing

218 Pages



Infosec Rock Star

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  • Have you noticed that some people in infosec simply have more success than others, however they may define success?

    Some people are simply more listened too, more prominent, make more of a difference, have more flexibility with work, more freedom, choices of the best projects, and yes, make more money. They are not just lucky. They make their luck. The most successful are not necessarily the most technical, although technical or "geek" skills are essential. They are an absolute must, and we naturally build technical skills through experience. They are essential, but not for Rock Star level success. The most successful, the Infosec Rock Stars, have a slew of other equally valuable skills, ones most people never develop nor even understand.

    They include skills such as self direction, communication, business understanding, leadership, time management, project management, influence, negotiation, results orientation, and lots more . . . Infosec Rock Star will start you on your journey of mastering these skills and the journey of moving toward Rock Star status and all its benefits. Maybe you think you can’t be a Rock Star, but everyone can MOVE towards it and reap the benefits of vastly increased success. Remember, “Geek” will only get you so far . . .

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