Designing a HIPAA-Compliant Security Operations Center

Authors: Eric C. Thompson

Feb 2020


249 Pages



Designing a HIPAA-Compliant Security Operations Center

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  • Develop a comprehensive plan for building a HIPAA-compliant security operations center, designed to detect and respond to an increasing number of healthcare data breaches and events. Using risk analysis, assessment, and management data combined with knowledge of cybersecurity program maturity, this book gives you the tools you need to operationalize threat intelligence, vulnerability management, security monitoring, and incident response processes to effectively meet the challenges presented by healthcare’s current threats.  

    Healthcare entities are bombarded with data. Threat intelligence feeds, news updates, and messages come rapidly and in many forms such as email, podcasts, and more. New vulnerabilities are found every day in applications, operating systems, and databases while older vulnerabilities remain exploitable. Add in the number of dashboards, alerts, and data points each information security tool provides and security teams find themselves swimming in oceans of data and unsure where to focus their energy. There is an urgent need to have a cohesive plan in place to cut through the noise and face these threats.

    Cybersecurity operations do not require expensive tools or large capital investments. There are ways to capture the necessary data. Teams protecting data and supporting HIPAA compliance can do this. All that’s required is a plan―which author Eric Thompson provides in this book.

    What You Will Learn

    • Know what threat intelligence is and how you can make it useful
    • Understand how effective vulnerability management extends beyond the risk scores provided by vendors
    • Develop continuous monitoring on a budget
    • Ensure that incident response is appropriate
    • Help healthcare organizations comply with HIPAA

    Who This Book Is For

    Cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance professionals working for organizations responsible for creating, maintaining, storing, and protecting patient information.  

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