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Data Breach Preparation and Response

Authors: Kevvie Fowler

June 2016

Syngress (Elsevier)

254 Pages



Data Breach Preparation and Response

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  • Data Breach Preparation and Response: Breaches are Certain, Impact is Not is the first book to provide 360 degree visibility and guidance on how to proactively prepare for and manage a data breach and limit impact. Data breaches are inevitable incidents that can disrupt business operations and carry severe reputational and financial impact, making them one of the largest risks facing organizations today. The effects of a breach can be felt across multiple departments within an organization, who will each play a role in effectively managing the breach. Kevvie Fowler has assembled a team of leading forensics, security, privacy, legal, public relations and cyber insurance experts to create the definitive breach management reference for the whole organization.

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