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CyRM Mastering the Management of Cybersecurity

Author(s): David X Martin

Published April 2021

CRC Press

146 Pages



CyRM Mastering the Management of Cybersecurity

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  • Is your enterprise’s strategy for cybersecurity just crossing its fingers and hoping nothing bad ever happens? If so…you’re not alone. Getting cybersecurity right is all too often an afterthought for Fortune 500 firms, bolted on and hopefully creating a secure environment. We all know this approach doesn’t work, but what should a smart enterprise do to stay safe?


    Today, cybersecurity is no longer just a tech issue. In reality, it never was. It’s a management issue, a leadership issue, a strategy issue: It’s a "must have right"…a survival issue. Business leaders and IT managers alike need a new paradigm to work together and succeed.


    After years of distinguished work as a corporate executive, board member, author, consultant, and expert witness in the field of risk management and cybersecurity, David X Martin is THE pioneering thought leader in the new field of CyRMSM. Martin has created an entirely new paradigm that approaches security as a business problem and aligns it with business needs. He is the go-to guy on this vitally important issue. In this new book, Martin shares his experience and expertise to help you navigate today’s dangerous cybersecurity terrain, and take proactive steps to prepare your company—and yourself —to survive, thrive, and keep your data (and your reputation) secure.


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