Cyber Security on Azure

Authors: Copeland, Marshall

July 2017


226 Pages



Cyber Security on Azure

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  • Prevent destructive attacks to your Azure public cloud infrastructure, remove vulnerabilities, and instantly report cloud security readiness. This book provides comprehensive guidance from a security insider's perspective.
    Cyber Security on Azure explains how this 'security as a service' (SECaaS) business solution can help you better manage security risk and enable data security control using encryption options such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cryptography. Discover best practices to support network security groups, web application firewalls, and database auditing for threat protection. Configure custom security notifications of potential cyberattack vectors to prevent unauthorized access by hackers, hacktivists, and industrial spies.

    What You'll Learn
    This book provides step-by-step guidance on how to:

    • Support enterprise security policies
    • Improve cloud security
    • Configure intrusion detection 
    • Identify potential vulnerabilities
    • Prevent enterprise security failures
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