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Crime Science and Digital Forensics: A Holistic View

Author(s): / Edited by Anthony C. Ijeh, Kevin Curran

Published September 2021

CRC Press

250 Pages



Crime Science and Digital Forensics: A Holistic View

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  • This volume is a collation of articles on counter forensics practices and digital investigative methods from the perspective of crime science. The book also shares alternative dialogue on information security techniques used to protect data from unauthorised access and manipulation.

    Scandals such as those at OPCW and Gatwick Airport have reinforced the importance of crime science and the need to take proactive measures rather than a wait and see approach currently used by many organisations. This book proposes a new approach in dealing with cybercrime and unsociable behavior involving remote technologies using a combination of evidence-based disciplines in order to enhance cybersecurity and authorised controls. It starts by providing a rationale for combining selected disciplines to enhance cybersecurity by discussing relevant theories and highlighting the features that strengthen privacy when mixed. The essence of a holistic model is brought about by the challenge facing digital forensic professionals within environments where tested investigative practices are unable to provide satisfactory evidence and security. This book will be of interest to students, digital forensic and cyber security practitioners and policy makers. It marks a new route in the study of combined disciplines to tackle cybercrime using digital investigations and crime science.

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