Crypto Dictionary: 500 Tasty Tidbits for the Curious Cryptographer

Authors: Jean-Philippe Aumasson

March 2021

No Starch Press

160 Pages



Crypto Dictionary: 500 Tasty Tidbits for the Curious Cryptographer

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  • Crypto Dictionary is your full reference resource for all things cryptography.

    Cryptography from A5/0 to ZRTP
    Expand your mind—and your crypto knowledge—with the ultimate desktop dictionary for all things cryptography. Written by a globally recognized cryptographer for fellow experts and novices to the field alike, Crypto Dictionary is rigorous in its definitions, yet easy to read and laced with humor. You’ll find:
      •  A survey of crypto algorithms both widespread and niche, from RSA and DES to the USSR’s GOST cipher
      •  Trivia from the history of cryptography, such as the MINERVA backdoor in Crypto AG’s encryption algorithms, which may have let the US read the secret communications of foreign governments
      •  An explanation of why the reference to the Blowfish cipher in the TV show 24 makes absolutely no sense
      •  Discussions of numerous cryptographic attacks, like the slide attack and biclique attack (and the meaning of a crypto “attack”)
      •  Types of cryptographic proofs, such as zero-knowledge proofs of spacetime
      •  A polemic against referring to cryptocurrency as “crypto”
      •  A look toward the future of cryptography, with discussions of the threat of quantum computing poses to our current cryptosystems and a nod to post-quantum algorithms, such as lattice-based cryptographic schemes
    Or, flip to any random page and learn something new, interesting, and mind-boggling for fun. Organized alphabetically, with hundreds of incisive entries and illustrations at your fingertips, Crypto Dictionary is the crypto world go-to guide that you’ll always want within reach.

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