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Wireshark for Security Professionals

Author(s): Jessey Bullock, Jeff T. Parker

March 2017


288 Pages



Wireshark for Security Professionals

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  • Wireshark for Security Professionals covers both offensive and defensive concepts that can be applied to essentially any InfoSec role. Whether into network security, malware analysis, intrusion detection, or penetration testing, this book demonstrates Wireshark through relevant and useful examples.

    Master Wireshark through both lab scenarios and exercises. Early in the book, a virtual lab environment is provided for the purpose of getting hands-on experience with Wireshark. Wireshark is combined with two popular platforms: Kali, the security-focused Linux distribution, and the Metasploit Framework, the open-source framework for security testing. Lab-based virtual systems generate network traffic for analysis, investigation and demonstration. In addition to following along with the labs you will be challenged with end-of-chapter exercises to expand on covered material.

    Lastly, this book explores Wireshark with Lua, the light-weight programming language. Lua allows you to extend and customize Wireshark’s features for your needs as a security professional. Lua source code is available both in the book and online. Lua code and lab source code are available online through GitHub, which the book also introduces. The book’s final two chapters greatly draw on Lua and TShark, the command-line interface of Wireshark.

    By the end of the book you will gain the following:

    • Master the basics of Wireshark
    • Explore the virtual w4sp-lab environment that mimics a real-world network
    • Gain experience using the Debian-based Kali OS among other systems
    • Understand the technical details behind network attacks
    • Execute exploitation and grasp offensive and defensive activities, exploring them through Wireshark
    • Employ Lua to extend Wireshark features and create useful scripts
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