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Feedback Loops: Pragmatism about Science and Technology

Authors: Andrew Wells Garnar (Editor), Ashley Shew (Editor), Joseph C. Pitt (Afterword), Anne C. Fitzpatrick (Contributor), Ronald Laymon (Contributor), Nicholas Rescher (Contributor), Ivan Guajardo (Contributor), Thomas Staley (Contributor), Peter Kroes Professor emertitus Delft University of Technology (Contributor), Brandiff R. Caron (Contributor), Allan Franklin (Contributor), James H. Collier (Contributor)


November 2020

Lexington Books

232 Pages



Feedback Loops: Pragmatism about Science and Technology

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  • In a world of information technologies, genetic engineering, controversies about established science, and the mysteries of quantum physics, it is at once seemingly impossible and absolutely vital to find ways to make sense of how science, technology, and society connect. In Feedback Loops: Pragmatism about Science & Technology, editors Andrew Wells Garnar and Ashley Shew bring together original writing from philosophers and science and technology studies scholars to provide novel ways of rethinking the relationships among science, technology, education, and society. Through critiquing and exploring the work of philosopher of science and technology Joseph C. Pitt, the authors featured in this volume investigate the complexities of contemporary technoscience, writing on topics ranging from super-computing to pedagogy, engineering to biotechnology patents, and scientific instruments to disability studies. Taken together, these chapters develop an argument about the necessity of using pragmatism to foster a more productive relationship among science, technology and society.

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