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Continuous Delivery and DevOps – A Quickstart Guide

Paul Swartout

Oct 2018

Packt Publishing

272 Pages



Continuous Delivery and DevOps – A Quickstart Guide

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  • Over the past few years, Continuous Delivery (CD) and DevOps have been in the spotlight in tech media, at conferences, and in boardrooms alike. Many articles and books have been written covering the technical aspects of CD and DevOps, yet the vast majority of the industry doesn't fully understand what they actually are and how, if adopted correctly they can help organizations drastically change the way they deliver value. This book will help you figure out how CD and DevOps can help you to optimize, streamline, and improve the way you work to consistently deliver quality software.

    In this edition, you'll be introduced to modern tools, techniques, and examples to help you understand what the adoption of CD and DevOps entails. It provides clear and concise insights in to what CD and DevOps are all about, how to go about both preparing for and adopting them, and what quantifiable value they bring. You will be guided through the various stages of adoption, the impact they will have on your business and those working within it, how to overcome common problems, and what to do once CD and DevOps have become truly embedded. Included within this book are some real-world examples, tricks, and tips that will help ease the adoption process and allow you to fully utilize the power of CD and DevOps

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