James Robertson, Suzanne Robertson

Nov 2018

Addison-Wesley Professional

272 Pages



Business Analysis Agility: Solve the Real Problem, Deliver Real Value

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  • Understand and Solve Your Customers’ Real Problems with Agile Business Analysis

    To deliver real value, you must understand what your customers truly value, and solve the problems they really need solved. Business analysis can help you do this—and it’s as crucial in agile environments now as it always has been. In Business Analysis Agility, leading experts James Robertson and Suzanne Robertson show how to perform business analysis in an agile way: trying new things, adapting to changes and discoveries, staying flexible, and being quick. Drawing on their unsurpassed experience of hundreds of projects and organizations, the Robertsons help you prioritize relentlessly, focus investments on delivering value, and learn in ways that improve your results.

    • Uncover the real customer problems hidden behind assumptions and conventional solutions
    • Hypothesize potential solutions and quickly test them with safe-to-fail probes
    • Understand how people, hardware, software, organizations, and other components come together in an optimal customer experience
    • Write stories that help you find solutions that deliver more value to customers and the business
    • Think about problems and projects in more agile, nimble, and open-minded ways
    • The Robertsons’ approach to analytical thinking will be valuable to anyone who wants to build better software in agile environments: analysts, developers, team leads, project managers, software architects, and other team members and stakeholders at all levels of experience.
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