Bring Your Own Cyber: A Small Business Owner's Guide to Basic Network Security

Author(S): Bill Bonney

Sept 2020


141 Pages



Bring Your Own Cyber: A Small Business Owner's Guide to Basic Network Security

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  • Though it takes years of training to become a CISO, anyone can take prudent steps to make themselves and their company more secure. In the 9 chapters in this book, we teach you the basics. There are three fundamental rules we live by throughout this book.First, there is no jargon. We use plain language to tell you how to become more secure. When we do use a technical term, we do so only because you hear it talked about and you need to know what it means. We define it in plain language and tell you what it means to you.Second, we’re going to be honest about the day-to-day work you need to do to be secure. It’s not rocket science, but it does take discipline. That makes sense, right? If it was easy to be cybersecure by buying a product or a service, we’d all be secure by now.Third, every chapter comes with prudent steps you can take right away to be more secure. We tell you what you have to do and then we give you some “advanced advice” so you can take it to the next level. We do not tell you to go do something and then not tell you how.With these risks in mind, we present The Essential Guide to Cybersecurity for SMBs for security professionals tasked with protecting small businesses. Small businesses can reduce their risk and protect themselves by implementing some basic security practices and accepting cybersecurity as a strategic business initiative. The essays included in this book provide both security professionals and executives of small businesses with a blueprint of best practices that will help them protect themselves and their customers.

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