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Blockchain for Healthcare Systems

Author(s): Sheikh Mohammad Idrees, Parul Agarwal, M. Afshar Alam

Published September 2021

CRC Press

226 Pages



Blockchain for Healthcare Systems

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  • Blockchain for Healthcare Systems: Challenges, Privacy, and Securing of Data provides a detailed insight on how to reap the benefits of blockchain technology in healthcare, as the healthcare sector faces several challenges associated with privacy and security issues. It also provides in-depth knowledge regarding blockchain in healthcare and the underlying components.


    This book explores securing healthcare data using blockchain technology. It discusses challenges and solutions for blockchain technology in the healthcare sector and presents the digital transformation of the healthcare sector using different technologies. It covers the handling of healthcare data/medical records and managing the medical supply chain all using blockchain technology.

    The contents of this book are highly beneficial to educators, researchers, and others working in a similar domain.

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