Authors: Sawhney, Rahul

June 2019


196 Pages



Beginning Azure Functions: Building Scalable and Serverless Apps

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  • Create highly scalable apps and monitor Azure functions in production using Azure Functions 2.0. This book takes you through durable functions for statefulness and covers not only the basics, but also how to create bindings in durable functions. It is a deep dive into the Azure Functions serverless API and will guide you through the process of converting monolithic applications to use Azure functions. The author starts by giving an overview of serverless architecture and Azure functions along with Azure App Services. You will then learn to create basic Azure functions using the Azure portal and Visual Studio. Next, you will create a serverless API using Azure Functions and migrate an existing application to Azure Functions. Finally, you will deploy an Azure function and monitor it in production. Here you will deploy the Azure function using ARM templates and secure and configure CORS for Azure functions. 
    After reading this book, you will be able to understand Azure functions and create them using the Azure portal and Visual Studio. 
    What You Will Learn

    • Understand and use triggers and bindings in an Azure function 
    • Create a serverless API using Azure Functions and OpenAPI
    • Deploy an Azure function and monitor it in production
    • Understand durable Azure functions, including scalability, disaster recovery, and geo-distribution
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