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A Practical Intro to Enterprise Network & Security Management

Author(s): Bongsik Shin

Published July 2021

CRC Press

445 Pages



A Practical Intro to Enterprise Network & Security Management

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  • A Practical Introduction to Enterprise Network and Security Management, Second Edition, provides a balanced understanding of introductory and advanced subjects in both computer networking and cybersecurity. Although much of the focus is on technical concepts, managerial issues related to enterprise network and security planning and design are explained from a practitioner’s perspective.

    Because of the critical importance of cybersecurity in today’s enterprise networks, security-related issues are explained throughout the book, and four chapters are dedicated to fundamental knowledge. Challenging concepts are explained so readers can follow through with careful reading.

    This book is written for those who are self-studying or studying information systems or computer science in a classroom setting. If used for a course, it has enough material for a semester or a quarter.


    • Provides both theoretical and practical hands-on knowledge and learning experiences for computer networking and cybersecurity
    • Offers a solid knowledge base for those preparing for certificate tests, such as CompTIA and CISSP
    • Takes advantage of actual cases, examples, industry products, and services so students can relate concepts and theories to practice
    • Explains subjects in a systematic and practical manner to facilitate understanding
    • Includes practical exercise questions that can be individual or group assignments within or without a classroom
    • Contains several information-rich screenshots, figures, and tables carefully constructed to solidify concepts and enhance visual learning

    The text is designed for students studying information systems or computer science for the first time. As a textbook, this book includes hands-on assignments based on the Packet Tracer program, an excellent network design and simulation tool from Cisco. Instructor materials also are provided, including PowerPoint slides, solutions for exercise questions, and additional chapter questions from which to build tests.

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