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Debugging Teams Better Productivity through Collaboration
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In the course of their 20+-year engineering careers, authors Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-Sussman have picked up a treasure trove of wisdom and anecdotes about how successful teams work together.
High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers
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Want your web site to display more quickly? This book presents 14 specific rules that will cut 25% to 50% off response time when users request a page. Author Steve Souders, in his job as Chief Performance Yahoo!, collected these best practices while optimizing some of the most-visited pages on the Web. Even sites that had already been highly optimized, such as Yahoo! Search and the Yahoo! Front Page, were able to benefit from these surprisingly simple performance guidelines.
The Way of the Web Tester: A Beginner's Guide to Automating Tests 1st Edition
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This book is for everyone who needs to test the web. As a tester, you'll automate your tests. As a developer, you'll build more robust solutions. And as a team, you'll gain a vocabulary and a means to coordinate how to write and organize automated tests for the web
Debug It!: Find, Repair, and Prevent Bugs in Your Code
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All bugs are different: there is no silver bullet. You've got to rely upon your intellect, intuition, detective skills and yes, even a little luck. But that doesn't mean that you're completely on your own-there is much you can learn from those who have gone before.
The Art of Debugging with GDB, DDD, and Eclipse
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Debugging is crucial to successful software development, but even many experienced programmers find it challenging. Sophisticated debugging tools are available, yet it may be difficult to determine which features are useful in which situations. The Art of Debugging is your guide to making the debugging process more efficient and effective.
Scrum Shortcuts without Cutting Corners: Agile Tactics, Tools, & Tips
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The widespread adoption and success of Scrum can be attributed in large part to its perceived intuitiveness and simplicity. But when new Scrum practitioners attempt to apply Scrum theory and high-level approaches in actual projects, they often find it surprisingly difficult.
Software Testing Foundations: A Study Guide for the Certified Tester Exam
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Professional testing of software is an essential task that requires a profound knowledge of testing techniques. The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) has developed a universally accepted, international qualification scheme aimed at software and system testing professionals, and has created the Syllabi and Tests for the "Certified Tester."
Effective Debugging: 66 Specific Ways to Debug Software and Systems
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In Effective Debugging , Diomidis Spinellis helps students accelerate their journey to mastery, by systematically categorizing, explaining, and illustrating scores of today's best methods, strategies, techniques, and tools.
TestNG Beginner's Guide
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Unit/Functional testing has now become part of every development life cycle. Junit was once the main framework that was used by developers for the purpose of Unit testing when it came to Java. But Junit had certain limitations in terms of execution and features.
Common System and Software Testing Pitfalls: How to Prevent and Mitigate Them: Descriptions, Symptoms, Consequences, Causes, and Recommendations
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“Don’s book is a very good addition both to the testing literature and to the literature on quality assurance and software engineering… . [It] is likely to become a standard for test training as well as a good reference for professional testers and developers.