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Broadband Communication Systems
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Broadband networks, such as asynchronous transfer mode (ATM), frame relay, and leased lines, allow us to easily access multimedia services (data, voice, and video) in one package. Exploring why broadband networks are important in modern-day telecommunications, Introduction to Broadband Communication Systems covers the concepts and components of both standard and emerging broadband communication network systems.
Technologies and Systems for Access and Transport Networks
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Take command of core technologies at the heart of all telecommunications systems with the first book expressly designed to help you apply, reuse, and enhance building-block components from one generation of networks to the next. This unique problem-solver unravels the complexities behind such technologies as synchronization, multiple access, switching, and optics to help you tackle design challenges and optimize performance no matter what the system—GSM, 3G, ATM, WLAN, computer networking, satellite systems, and beyond—and pave the way to next-generation advances of your own.
The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
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Seamlessly merge the Internet with cellular and wireless networks using next-generation IMS technology and the comprehensive information contained in this authoritative resource.
Coding for MIMO Communication Systems
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Coding for MIMO Communication Systems is a comprehensive introduction and overview to the various emerging coding techniques developed for MIMO communication systems. The basics of wireless communications and fundamental issues of MIMO channel capacity are introduced and the space-time block and trellis coding techniques are covered in detail.
Coding Theory: Algorithms, Architectures and Applications
List Price: $131.95
Sale Price: $131.95

One of the most important key technologies for digital communication systems as well as storage media is coding theory. It provides a means to transmit information across time and space over noisy and unreliable communication channels.
Policy-Driven Mobile Ad hoc Network Management
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This book discusses the management challenges associated with ad hoc networks, and provides an in-depth description of how policy-based network management can be used for increasing automation in the management of mobile ad hoc networks.
Ultra-Wideband Communications Systems : Multiband OFDM Approach
List Price: $104.50
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This definitive resource provides a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental issues that must be understood in designing, implementing, and deploying UWB multiband OFDM systems
Next Generation IPTV Services and Technologies
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This book helps address the skills shortage and support expansion of IPTV across the globe. Telecom operators, wireless mobile providers, cable TV companies, media companies, broadcasters, video production companies, and Internet portal companies worldwide are either offering IP video services or actively investigating their deployment.
Modeling and Characterization of RF and Microwave Power FETs
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This is a book about the compact modeling of RF power FETs. In it, you will find descriptions of characterization and measurement techniques, analysis methods, and the simulator implementation, model verification and validation procedures that are needed to produce a transistor model that can be used with confidence by the circuit designer.
Multi-application Smart Cards: Technology and Applications
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Multi-application smart cards have yet to realise their enormous potential, partly because few people understand the technology, market, and behavioural issues involved.