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This textbook is ideal for a course in Engineering System Dynamics and Controls. The work is a comprehensive treatment of the analysis of lumped parameter physical systems. Starting with a discussion of mathematical models in general, and ordinary differential equations, the book covers input/output and state space models, computer simulation and modeling methods and techniques in mechanical, electrical, thermal and fluid domains.
Algorithmic Game Theory
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In the last few years game theory has had a substantial impact on computer science, especially on Internet- and e-commerce-related issues. Algorithmic Game Theory develops the central ideas and results of this new and exciting area in a clear and succinct manner.
Reactive Systems
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Formal methods is the term used to describe the specification and verification of software and software systems using mathematical logic. Various methodologies have been developed and incorporated into software tools.
A Relativist's Toolkit ,The Mathematics of Black-Hole Mechanics
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This textbook fills a gap in the literature on general relativity by providing the advanced student with practical tools for the computation of many physically interesting quantities. The context is provided by the mathematical theory of black holes, one of the most elegant, successful, and relevant applications of general relativity.
MATLAB for Control Engineers
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Notable author Katsuhiko Ogata presents the only book available to discuss, in sufficient detail, the details of MATLAB® materials needed to solve many analysis and design problems associated with control systems.
Quantum Bits and Quantum Secrets: How Quantum Physics is revolutionizing Codes and Computers
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Rather than concentrating on stories about scientists and philosophical concepts, Quantum Bits and Quantum Secrets: How Quantum Physics is revolutionizing Codes and Computers provides a step-by-step approach to quantum information.
The Foundations of Mathematics, 1st Edition
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Finally there's an easy-to-follow book that will help readers succeed in the art of proving theorems. Sibley not only conveys the spirit of mathematics but also uncovers the skills required to succeed. Key definitions are introduced while readers are encouraged to develop an intuition about these concepts and practice using them in problems
Numerical Methods for Ordinary Differential Equations, 2nd Edition
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Authored by one of the world’s leading authorities on numerical methods this update of one of the standard references on numerical analysis, outlines recent developments in the field and presenting a detailed overview of the area.
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This is the first book to take a truly comprehensive look at clustering. It begins with an introduction to cluster analysis and goes on to explore: proximity measures; hierarchical clustering; partition clustering; neural network-based clustering; kernel-based clustering; sequential data clustering; large-scale data clustering; data visualization and high-dimensional data clustering; and cluster validation.
The Complete Guide to Torque X
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For the first time in history, Microsoft has opened up its exclusive gaming platform to anyone who is interested in creating console games. Now, anyone can create a game for the Xbox 360 console without a publishing contract or expensive and hard-to-get developer versions of the console.