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Enriching the Value Chain: Infrastructure Strategies Beyond the Enterprise
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How do forward-thinking IT professionals organize infrastructure and staff to meet the challenges of e-Business value chain initiatives head-on? Enriching the Value Chain gives you the answers
Securing Business Information: Strategies to Protect the Enterprise and Its Network
List Price: $39.99
Our Price: $21.99
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This book will guide you through these steps to secure your computing infrastructure within the constraints of normal business operations, resources, and today's technology:
Building a Simple Network: How to Set Up a Small Network of Personal Computers
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This practical guide to peer-to-peer networking tells you how to connect a group of computers together in a home or small office, using standard Ethernet or wireless Ethernet products.
Peer-to-Peer Computing: Technologies for Sharing and Collaborating on the Net
List Price: $39.95
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This insider’s account of Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Computing takes you from past experimental projects to the present resurgence, and looks into its future as a computing model for businesses and consumers on the Internet.
The Adaptive Enterprise, The: IT Infrastructure Strategies to Manage Change and Enable Growth
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The agile business embraces change rapidly and gracefully. To be ready, the business needs an infrastructure that supports change without disruption or excessive cost.
Building Operational Excellence: IT People and Process Best Practices
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Running an effective and efficient IT organization goes beyond just having the right technology in place. IT organizations must have effective ways to meet increased workloads, manage staff levels, and to collaborate more effectively with business units. Building Operational Excellence provides valuable insight for organizing IT people and processes, showing you how to improve end-to-end management of critical resources.
Programming with Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology
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Intel® Extended Memory 64 Technology (Intel® EM64T) brings 64-bit processing capabilities to desktops, servers, and workstations while ensuring full compatibility with current 32-bit operating systems and applications. Intel EM64T improves performance by allowing the system to address more than 4 gigabytes of virtual and physical memory.
Intel Vtune Performance Analyzer Essentials :Measurement and Tuning Techniques for Software Developers
List Price: $59.95
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A real challenge in modern software environments is the ability to properly identify performance bottlenecks. The Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer helps locate and remove software performance bottlenecks by collecting, analyzing, and displaying performance data from the system-wide level down to the source level.
The Virtual Interface Architecture
List Price: $44.95
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This book explains how VI provides a new interface between applications and switched interconnect hardware. Just as Virtual Memory allowed personal computers to break through physical memory limitations, VI solves the long-standing problem of efficiently interfacing general-purpose computers to high-speed switched networks.
Change-Based Test Management: Improving the Software Validation Process
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With the difficulties of today's economy, many companies are placing a renewed emphasis on reducing expenses. Unfortunately, software validation is often one of the first areas to feel the pressure of lower budgets. With the ever-increasing complexity and speed of today's hardware, how can you continue to produce a high quality product while maintaining or even lowering your operational costs?